My Grandpa! Why we should have our personal heroes!


We all have our personal heroes. Mine is my grandpa. He’s everything I’d like to be; who’s yours?

There will be people in the past or present that influences us the most, some are popular, some are not at all. Some, we know personaly or just someone from the TV. Who ever they are, they have definitely impacted our lives.

Heroes make better individuals based on who we “idolize”, in the arts, at work, or in life in general, our heroes mold us in more ways than one.

A good example is how my personal hero had and continues to impact my life; that is my Grandpa. My grandpa knew everything but never imposed, he was strong, yet calm. Assertive but considerate. Most of all, successful, but very humble.

I live everyday thinking how he would make choices if choices given to me were presented to him. Never fails, the pattern of how I thought he made choices, lead me making awesome ones!

Internalizing your personal simply makes you do better. Wether to outdo yourself or outdo your hero, what’s for sure is that it creates progress.

Dreaming of how it is to be in our hero’s shoes is simply motivating. Doing more that what we expect from ourself is one of the sweetest “icing on a cake” achievement we can have.

A question that you might ask is, how can we have our own identity if we keep basing it on someone else? Valid question, but keep in mind that we’ll never be in the very same circumstances our heroes were and we can never mimic their way of reacting.

Having a hero has been more of an inspiration to squeeze a little bit more from myself and an a way of being that got me from where I was, to where I need to be.

Who’s your hero and how did it affect your life for the better?

Let me hear about it! Leave a comment!


I swore to be my dog Kahati’s (black faced) hero and I hope he sees me as one. Thank you to the golden that is Hunter on the left most, and his human/Hero Jennie for taking this picture!


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