Half the world is lit; A word on perspective.

10448942_1521801268041223_1098881165_nOften times we make sweeping generalizations based on our experiences and other factors that we trust like experts and use that to contradict and / impose our perspective like we’re the only ones right, and others sound ridiculous, and that creates conflict and resistance.

Learning on both part (teacher and student) is blocked when we refuse to see how others see. As teachers of different disciplines, we first must empathize with our students.

Teaching, consciously or unconsciously, needs a strong connection to our learner(s), understanding how they view things bring us closer to them. Few of my reasons for prioritizing perspective is that we understand them more, understanding is best when connecting with learner, when we understand them, we become more patient. The word patience is over used but underrated and underutilized for its in-sustainability.

Considering the learners’ perspective, we redevelop our ways to teach and customize lessons for learners. We must never forget, that learners have different ways of learning.

What if what we strongly believe on what we know is right? Remember that you are, we all are entitled to that. But if we all step our foot down and force our biases, then the chances of our objective to teach/share or influence have lowered.

The more we understand one another, the more we can share without contradicting or hammering someone of our biases. From my experience, presenting our ideas, techniques and opinion as tools for them to utilize in the future produces low to zero conflict and the more your student will realize your point.

let me hear your thoughts,



In loving memory of Len, a perfect pet, companion, daughter and sister anyone could ever wish for. We will miss you dearly.

Feb 14 ’08 – Dec 8 ’15


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