-In skills and knowledge, these two P’s are what Brad follows as a path. He believes that in prioritizing progress, any kind of learner learning anything will be motivated by seeing, feeling, and achieving small increments or success rather than operating on the frustration that leads to failure. That goes well for the teacher too.

-An effective way to gauge progress is to focus on teaching something measurable. Finding ways to make lessons countable “for both teacher and student” doesn’t define passing and failing, but rather strength and room for adjustment/improvement.

-Leaving only what is essential to avoid confusion; decluttering Brad’s room and his life made him see the real importance and value of whatever is left. Brad found that his practice of minimalism could also be very effective when applied to teaching / training. More on minimalism here.

-In anything that he does, he will run the extra mile to create programs that are sustainable, more applicable to the learner’s lifestyle to make progress easier rather than a burden.

-No explanations needed.


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